Acronis True Image

Acronis True Image 24.5

Creates, stores and accesses backup copies of data
Create backups for files, folders, and entire systems in the suite with multiple options to configure and personalize the process. It supports images, audio, video files, galleries and media libraries. There is an option to create a local copy or upload the backup to a cloud storage.

Keeping current copies of your sensitive data, a selected hard drive, and even of your entire PC is more and more of the essence nowadays. Acronis True Image is an intuitive and fast solution for your backup and restore needs. It offers you various backup types (incremental, differential, etc.) and throws in a convenient anti-ransomware and anti-cryptomining protection feature.

The program comes in various flavors – Standard, Advanced, and Premium. This Standard version is limited to backups and restores to and from local and network destinations. You can create an exact copy of selected files and folders or of your entire disk if you wish, but you won’t be allowed to send those data to the Acronis cloud service, which is surely faster and probably much safer than any external drive. Acronis Active Protection though, the program’s algorithms that keep your PC and data free from ransomware and other threats, is included in all three versions.

These limitations do not detract from the program’s many virtues. You can still benefit from the program’s flexibility and versatility when it comes to cloning and restoring your data, such as information and statistics about your backup activity, a flexible backup scheduling, a function to clean up older backups, battery backup controls to optimize the use of your resources, etc. You can create faithful images of your entire disks, and even clone your OS and other data while your computer is still in use in order to migrate to a newer or bigger disk.

This backup flexibility and reliability are also available for your mobile devices – thus, you can also back up your contacts, calendar, media files, and even the contents of the SD card on your Android device. You may also want to send certain files (such as pictures, music files, videos, documents, etc.) that you don’t need to have at hand at all times to an archive on a different drive and thus save valuable space.

To top it all off, Acronis True Image comes with a set of useful tools that will allow you to clean up your system of junk files, clone a disk with just a few clicks, a Try and Decide utility to try new software tools or drives knowing that you can go back easily to your previous state, etc. All in all, this is not only a flexible and easy-to-use utility to copy and restore your data or your entire system, but also it offers extra protection against the most common threats that might jeopardize you valuable information.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Includes malware protection features
  • Backs up from entire discs to selected files and folders
  • Offers various types of backups
  • Cleans up your drives from junk files
  • May back up your data to Acronis Cloud


  • Backups in the standard version are limited to local and network destinations
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